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Completing high-volume, backoffice tasks in onshore locations can be expensive and inefficient. As well as high labour costs there is also the capital tied up in real estate, especially if processing units are located in expensive city locations. However, some functions are too complex to compete in a traditional offshoring model or they may face regulatory restriction. Companies need a solution that has the same quality and reliability of an onshore solution, but with lower costs.

What is Smart Shoring?

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Smart Shoring combines different shoring models within one business process. Workflows are analysed and then broken down into their component parts. Each element is then either eliminated, automated or processed manually in the optimal location. This could be in an onshore, nearshore, or offshore centre, depending on the complexity involved. The whole workflow is tightly managed and controlled through a unified technology platform.

Smart Shoring enables companies to combine the advantages of different locations all over the world, gaining cost advantages whilst still increasing productivity, speed and quality. By maintaining onshore locations as part of the solution, a number of regulatory and compliance issues can be covered.

  • Cost optimisation

By leveraging different locations for different tasks, companies can get cost advantages without sacrificing quality

  • Regulatory compliance

By having a dynamic model that combines onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations, regulatory issues can be avoided

  • Streamline processes

SPS analyses workflows and eliminates or automates high-volume repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency. A typical process will be 80% automated and 20% manual processing

  • High-performance resilience

Workloads can be shifted easily between sites in the global network, giving companies great agility and resilience

  • Swiss Quality at lower costs

SPS has built a strong reputation for delivering Swiss Quality output whilst decreasing service costs


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