Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are inherent to SPS’ culture and success

On a global basis, SPS’ employees are 49% female, 48% male and 3% other genders. Some 36% of our leadership roles are occupied by women. We also focus on the following areas:

  1. Leadership diversity. We report against the diversity in our leadership team.
  2. Equal opportunities. We have defined a global standard for equal pay and have published our equal opportunity guidelines and expectations.
  3. Unconscious bias. We are developing global training, based on local best practices.
  4. Diversity networks. We are further developing networks both locally and globally to support, measure and track diversity and inclusion in SPS

CORE VOICES - Empowering all voices and united in one

Core Voices is a global HR committee embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) at the core of HR processes and policies. Through Core Voices, DE&I topics are regularly discussed by global HR members and HR representatives of all SPS countries with the commitment and the dedication to move plans into action. 

The purpose of Core Voices is to:

  • Raise our voices to promote DE&I topics at work, and drive business results.
  • Promote increased level of awareness.
  • Challenge day-to-day biases and prejudice faced by diverse employees.
  • Promote respectful and inclusive work relationships, to ensure everyone feels they belong

Watch the video to learn more about SPS initiatives by the hands of Jacqueline Michelleto, our Global Head of Total Rewards.


Compensation plays a key role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); therefore, our rewards strategies are designed to offer sustained pay equity over the long term and our initial step is to ensure we have fair pay policies implemented.

Also, in order to help integrate under-represented groups within our society, our remote working policies enable us to provide flexibility for our people and enables our business to tap into a global talent pool. Working from home helps integrate under-represented groups within our society.

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Our employees

Fostering an atmosphere where each employee feels respected, appreciated, included, and has the chance to grow and develop

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Business Ethics

We are commited to compliance and adherence to regulatory standards, promoting a transparent and responsible business environment

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Sustainability & Environment

We are committed to reducing our own emissions and helping clients do the same

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Privacy and Data Security

We ensure we are compliant with all relevant regulations and that we are constantly and verifiably improving