SPS’ solutions for the modern workplace enable better collaboration, increase productivity and drive employee & customer satisfaction.

Enterprise workplace solutions designed to meet the needs of the modern hybrid workplace 

SPS is a global outsourcing provider and workplace expert with 20+ years of success serving enterprise level clients.  

With a 95% client renewal rate, a world-class Net Promoter Score of 80, our expertise is trusted by corporations across the globe. 

At SPS, we analyze your workplace needs, designing agile solutions that improve collaboration, delight customers, and add value to your organization today and in the future.   

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A trusted outsourcing provider of workplace services for 20+ years

At SPS, we believe there is always a better solution. Whether your teams work hybrid or fully onsite, we are ready to unlock your workplace’s potential. 

Our solutions team will analyze your workplace operation and create a framework for better collaboration and increased productivity across your business.  

SPS’ Enterprise Workplace Solutions deliver high-touch, flexible services with highly trained talent, improved processes, and are supported with technology. Service areas include Hospitality & Guest Services, Conference Room & AV Management, Reception & Visitor Check In, and more. 

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At SPS, our people are our superpower and creating a culture of hospitality and customer service is at the core of the workplace services that we offer.   

From hosting everyday meetings to supporting events at your workplace, our SPS onsite teams are trained to create frictionless experiences that elevate the entire guest, client and employee experience. 

Through our internal “ELEVATE” training program, SPS employees complete a suite of learning and development workshops designed to engage and inspire our team to deliver a memorable experience to our client’s employees and visitors.  

With over 105,000 training hours completed in 2023, our SPS teams are taught to understand the role that we play in each client’s employee and visitor journey.  Our people-first guest mentality is key to helping your organization work seamlessly and drive better business outcomes.  

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With a focus on operational excellence and driving efficiency for our clients, SPS employees know that meeting and conference success is dependent on flawless execution of logistical planning, and this includes the conference room set up and seamlessly working technology. 

Technology enhances the communication process, especially in hybrid workplace environments and as such, it’s imperative that conference room bookings are made in advance and equipment malfunctions are avoided. With the support of the SPS teams, conference rooms are always clean, pre-booked, and ready to meet the communication needs of the clients we serve.  

Our skilled SPS technicians provide comprehensive assistance with audiovisual (AV) equipment, video conferencing systems, and other technology that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.   

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SPS’ Reception and Visitor Check-In Services showcase the hospitality and people-first mindset that is at the core of all SPS employee workplace training programs.    

From the moment someone enters an SPS managed site, our team provides a professional and welcoming experience for our clients, their employees, and the people they serve, driving efficiency and allowing your teams to focus on critical tasks while delegating simpler tasks to SPS.  

Our team of trained receptionists ensure that every visitor is greeted, checked in according to your security standards, and directed to their desired destination, creating a workplace environment that is both pleasant to be in and operationally efficient.  

Our teams are also trained to provide a seamless and personalized experience for remote visitors, ensuring that everyone receives the same elevated guest experience as in-person visitors.

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SPS unlocks the power of possibility for large enterprises and the people they serve.  

Because SPS recruits and further trains hospitality-minded talent to serve our clients, the SPS Enterprise Workplace Solutions creates a workplace environment that elevates the employee, client and guest experience across the board. 

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