Companies are accelerating digital transformation with end-to-end document processing solutions to elevate the customer experience & gain competitive advantage.

Transform your business and optimize results with intelligent document processing solutions 
SPS is a global outsourcing provider of Document Processing Solutions with over 20 years of success serving enterprise level clients.

Our solutions include end-to-end services including consulting, technology platforms, tech integration, implementation, management, and optimization.

With a 95% client renewal rate, a world-class Net Promoter Score of 86, our expertise is trusted by corporations across the globe.

At SPS, we fully analyze your organization’s document processing needs, designing custom solutions that eliminate inefficient manual workflows with automation – learn more about our intelligent document processing solutions below. 

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Innovative Intelligent Document Processing Solutions

A trusted outsourcing provider of BPO services for 20+ years

At SPS, our team of experts link the power of people, processes, data and technology to best serve your organization's Intelligent Document Processing needs.

Our Six-Sigma trained team will study and analyze your current end-to-end workflows to add value to your operation creating new possibilities for your business.

SPS is at the forefront of digital transformation in document management and information processing. We use a combination of advanced technology, business process excellence, and deep industry expertise to help our clients.

Our Innovative Intelligent Document Processing Solutions approach drives resilience and automation for many areas including Claims Processing, Invoice & Check Processing, and Customer Onboarding & Correspondence.

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An End-To-End Approach to Intelligent Document Processing 

SPS’ custom & Lean Six Sigma approach to Intelligent Document Processing Solutions ensures worldclass delivery of excellence in many areas of document management including Claims Processing, Invoice & Check Processing, Customer Onboarding & Correspondence, and more.


Insurance companies are turning to Claims Processing outsourcing to drive efficient end-to-end workflows, increase accuracy and quality, and automate manual processes.

If you’re struggling with an inefficient claims process, your data quality, speed, and accuracy may be suffering. Our claims automation solution can help by redesigning workflows, enabling straight-through processing (STP), and eliminating manual steps associated with physical and digital claims.

The SPS end-to-end approach to Claims Processing focusses on elevating the customer experience from claim submission (first notice of loss) to refund.

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With a focus on one of the company’s core values of “Innovative Thinking,” SPS provides end-to-end invoice processing and check processing services from straight-through processing, to digitizing, to classification and to exception handling.

We operate these services for major global banks ensuring the highest level of quality, compliance and fraud prevention.

Our secure processing maintains a full chain-of custody for sensitive materials and ensures data integrity for our clients. 

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Customer onboarding and client correspondence processing is another solution SPS offers in our intelligent document processing suite of services.

SPS performs cross-channel processing of B2B and B2C customer onboarding and master data management services for banks, investment advisors, leasing companies and insurances who require strict compliance and security measures.

With a focus on operational excellence and data integrity, our workflow strictly complies with all relevant regulatory requirements such as digital customer identification, anti-money-laundering, KYC and counterterrorism.

Rooted in SPS’ core values of Clients First, Delivering Excellence, and Innovative Thinking, creating seamless onboarding and correspondence processes help our clients succeed and improves overall operational performance and their customer’s experience.

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SPS unlocks the power of possibility for businesses and the people they serve.

Our team of experts' study and analyze your current end-to-end document processing operation including document tracking tools utilized, technology deployed, chain of custody process and ease of use for those served by your operation.

With our Six Sigma trained experts, SPS links the power of people, processes, data and technology to determine how to add value to the operation with automation and innovation creating new possibilities for our clients.

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Innovative Document Processing Solutions 

We continually innovate our Intelligent Document Processing solutions for the clients we serve.

With successful digital transformation programs, our clients realize positive impacts on sustainability while growing their business and achieving efficiencies.​


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IDP Global Financial Services Firm

SPS implemented automated workflows to digital document processing, improving managing times

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05 January 2023
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Document Processing Innovation & Automation

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20 March 2023

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