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Personal lending processes can be a drag on efficiency and profitability. The multi-step process, from application to post-dispersal, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Managing the process adds unnecessary costs and often falls short on the customer experience.

Like many lenders, you may find yourself in a difficult spot. It doesn’t make sense to do the loan-processing work in-house, spending scarce capital on a labor-intensive system that will require constant and costly upgrades. But it can also be difficult to find a business transformation partner that is proficient, knowledgeable about personal lending, and ready to deploy quickly.

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Better Process, Better Results

Global Business Transformation Solution’s (GBTS) BPaaS for Personal Loans serves the needs of banks and financial services companies, offering a strategy-driven, digital-transformation solution that reimagines and improves the entire process. We analyze, automate and reimagine your processes and act to bring the new approach to life.

In the face of high-stakes complexity, we are uniquely qualified to deliver the bespoke solutions you require - and your customers deserve. 

Our pay-per-use model offers a high-potential, low-risk solution where every loan matters. With our distinctive model and presence across the globe, we can reduce costs by 30-40% while still providing stellar solutions.

Our approach spans front office, middle office and back office support

  • Beginning with origination, we cover loan application processing, verification and credit review
  • Our customer onboarding capabilities include loan disbursements and funding, account creation, KYC updating, and a compliance check.
  • For loan servicing, we handle repayments, loan closure, forbearance, loan restructuring, general inquiries and account maintenance.
  • We also meet your collection needs, including early, late-stage and charge-off collections, recoveries, inventory reconciliation and payment processing.

Our approach

We know how intricate the ecosystem of lending is, from origination to collection. You can be confident we’ve got everything covered with our 3Ts approach.

Trusted Domain Expertise

GBTS starts with deep sector knowledge in the personal lending space. We offer an outcome-based, end-to-end BPaaS strategy that boosts efficiency, saves money and results in higher customer satisfaction.

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At every stage, our talented team offers a true omnichannel experience that aligns with customer expectations for speed and convenience.  One of our key success indicators is how well we’ve satisfied your customers.  In addition to industry experience, our team is located around the world, meaning we bring a nuanced understanding of your customers across multiple jurisdictions.

We are hyper-focused on delivering only the highest-quality work. We protect your reputation in the marketplace and with your customers. We also put in place safeguards to ensure that every borrower is well-qualified.

This protects your bottom line and saves you the aggravation and cost of a non-performing loan.

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GBTS ensures that you benefit from the most innovative technology. 

We deliver measurable results through a technology ecosystem developed specifically for your business.

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Outcomes you can see,


GBTS’s offering is notable in that is virtually seamless to our clients and your customers. We are an extension of your team, adhering to your high standards and commitment to customers. While we value a collaborative approach, we are also autonomous. This allows you to focus on other critical aspects of your business while we handle everything else.

Measurable Savings

  • What you see – and benefit from – is our results. Our pay-by-the-loan model means that you achieve revenue and cost savings only when we deliver. We can cut costs by 30-40% while still providing stellar solutions.
  • With your interests inextricably aligned with ours, GBTS is the partner you need to take your business to the next level, now and for the future.
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