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You know that processing claims is exacting work. It’s time-consuming, involves multiple steps and must be executed perfectly. It’s a complex ecosystem: first notice of loss, validation/verification, claim data input, review and decision, and finally, assigning an adjuster. Within each step are sub-steps, all of which demand accurate data and speed.

Many insurance companies, however, find themselves in a difficult spot. It doesn’t make sense to do the claims-processing work in-house, spending scarce capital dollars on a labor-intensive system that will require constant and costly upgrades. But it can also be difficult to find a business transformation partner that is proficient, sophisticated and ready to deploy quickly.

That’s where Global Business Transformation Solutions comes in. We specialize in insurance claims in personal and commercial lines within the property & casualty and life insurance segments.


Upholding the Highest Values

We offer an outcome-based, end-to-end strategy. We’ve brought together the expertise, technology, and experience needed to process claims efficiently and accurately and deliver the highest level of customer service. At the heart of our BPaaS approach is digital transformation. We analyze, automate and reinvent your process and bring the new approach to life.

We expertly manage your claims to ensure that legitimate claims are addressed quickly and fraudulent claims are identified and investigated to protect your bottom line. Our domain knowledge distinguishes us from the competition.

We handle the entire process so you and your team can focus on higher-value work.

  • Throughout, we adhere to four key values in the claims experience: security, speed and accuracy, and personalization.
  • For security, we ensure that we are working with the right person and that there is true representation.
  • On the speed and accuracy front, we analyze the asset and determine what thedamage is worth.
  • Personalization is focused on always treating the customer well, from handling exceptions knowledgeably to continually improving our processes.

Our Appraoch

GBTS offers digital transformation expertise along with our commitment to treating your customers with care.  With our 3Ts approach, we boost your business and burnish your reputation.

Trusted Domain Expertise

We are deeply embedded in the claims processing space. We take a consultative approach, reengineering your processes for better results. We understand the myriad steps in the claims process and how they relate to one another.

Our pay-per-use model guarantees you only pay for what you receive. It’s a high-return, low-risk solution. Through our skilled teams and high-quality work, we ensure that your reputation, both in the industry and among your customers, is protected.

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At every stage, our talented team offers a true omnichannel experience that aligns with contemporary customer expectations for speed and convenience. We are hyper-focused on delivering only the most high-quality work.

In addition to industry experience, our team has specific geographic expertise and has also amassed a track record of identifying and training top talent.

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We propel your success with leading-edge innovation and technology.

We digitally transform and automate the claims process, enhancing the customer experience and reducing your business’s exposure to fraud. 

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Outcomes you can see,


GBTS’s offering is notable in that is virtually seamless to our clients and your customers. We are an extension of your team, adhering to your high standards and commitment to customers. While we value a collaborative approach, we are also autonomous. This allows you to focus on other critical aspects of your business while we handle everything else.

Measurable Savings

  • What you see - and benefit from – is our results. Our pay-by-the-loan model means that you achieve revenue and cost savings only when we deliver. We can cut costs by 30-40% while still providing stellar solutions.
  • With your interests inextricably aligned with ours, GBTS is the partner you need to take your business to the next level, now and for the future.
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