A better way to achieve accurate, cost-effective loan processing

Making the complex simple


Auto lending has been mired in complex, time-consuming practices for too long. This siloed, fragmented approach is expensive and time-consuming for lenders, and frustrating for borrowers. Many lenders, however, find themselves in a difficult spot. It doesn’t make sense to do the loan-processing work in-house, spending scarce capital on a labor-intensive system requiring constant and costly upgrades. But it can also be difficult to find a business transformation partner that is proficient, sophisticated, and ready to deploy quickly.

Global Business Transformation Solution’s BPaaS for Auto Lending, which centers on digital transformation, is the answer. We analyze, automate and reinvent your processes and act to bring the new approach to life. We serve the needs of banks and financial service companies, reimaging and autonomously executing the full loan process.

Our pay-per-use model ensures that GBTS delivers outstanding work on every loan. 

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A Better Way, At Every Step in the Process

Every step in the auto loan process must meet – and exceed – the customer’s expectations.  With GBTS, we’ve thought through and modernized the process with the customer in mind. Our team is trained in the intricacies of the loan process and treats your customers with respect. Protect your reputation and profitability with GBTS’ bespoke, customer-focused solutions.

We handle the entire process so you and your team can focus on higher-value work.

  • For the origination process, our services include navigation support, and processing for pre-qualification, data, document and contract validation.
  • On servicing, we handle everything from the welcome letter, to payment processing, title transfer claims and dealer financing processing.
  • Our collections capabilities include delinquency management, recovery management, charge-offs and loss mitigation processes. If repossession becomes necessary, we cover post-repossession vehicle handling and impound handling processes.
  • Finally, Remarketing includes processes for default settlement, damage inspection, aftermarket calculation and funds, dealer buyout and auctions, among others.

Our approach

GBTS brings a modern point of view and execution capabilities to auto lending.  You can be confident we’ve got everything covered with our 3Ts approach.

Trusted Domain Expertise

GBTS starts with a team that knows the auto lending space.  We understand our clients and the issues they face, from title transfers to repossession and remarketing.

We create an outcome-based, end-to-end strategy that boosts efficiency, saves money, and results in higher customer satisfaction.

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At every stage, our talented team offers a true omnichannel experience that aligns with contemporary customer expectations for speed and convenience. In addition to industry experience, our team has specific geographic expertise and a track record of identifying and training top talent, so we always bring our A team. 

We are hyper-focused on delivering only the highest quality work. We aim to maintain your reputation in the marketplace and with your customers – and to ensure that every individual who receives a loan is well-qualified. 

This protects your bottom line and saves you the aggravation and cost of a non-performing loan. 

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We bring the most advanced technology.

Through our digital capabilities and technology ecosystem developed specifically for your business we deliver measurable improvements in accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.

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Outcomes you can see,


GBTS’s unique offering is virtually seamless to our clients and your customers. We are an extension of your team, adhering to your high standards and commitment to customers. While we value a collaborative approach, we are also autonomous. You can turn your attention to other critical aspects of your business while our BPaaS team handles everything else.

Measurable Savings

  • What you see - and benefit from – is our results. Our pay-per-use model means that you achieve revenue and cost savings only when we deliver. With our distinctive model and presence across the globe, we can cut costs by 30-40% while still providing stellar solutions.
  • With your interests inextricably aligned with ours, GBTS is the partner you need to take your business to the next level, now and for the future.
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