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Transform your business with end-to-end, outcome-based BPaaS solutions

Global Business Transformation Solutions’ (GBTS) strategy-driven, outcome-based, pay-per-use model delivers measurable results. As strategic advisors and experts in your industry, we apply design thinking to redefine your processes. Digital transformation is at the core of our BPaaS model. 

By deploying a strategic perspective and end-to-end execution, we aim to provide 30-40% cost savings.  We enhance your success by boosting your business’s productivity and profitability – and providing your customers with exceptional service.

GBTS is part of SPS and its Technology Business Solutions, which leverages the benefits of intelligent automation technologies, optimized business processes and access to a global talent pool.

A Strategic Partner

that Delivers Measurable Results

GBTS’s tailored, end-to-end, digitally-driven solutions solve your pain points. We manage your complex processes, unlock business insights, satisfy your most demanding customers, and help you reduce rising costs. 

Our outcome-based BPaaS model allows you to deploy limited resources more effectively. 

By shifting CapEx to OpEx, you gain flexibility and choices. Our success is inextricably linked with your success, and we are fully invested in helping your business thrive. 

What’s more, as your business grows and scales, GBTS will keep you in the lead. We are your perfect partner now and for the future. 


Our Approach: 3Ts = Impact

GBTS’s unique 3T approach combines Trusted Domain Expertise, Technology, and Talent to bring maximum business impact to our clients. 

Trusted Domain Expertise

Our experienced team has deep expertise in the banking, financial services, and insurance industries, and are experts in digital transformation. We are specialists who understand your needs and those of your customers.

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We design and use technology in innovative ways. Our service-first approach is supported by best-in-class, cloud-based technology solutions. We begin every engagement by understanding your unique needs, goals, and processes.

Guided by an overarching end-to-end strategy, we create a custom micro-ecosystem on a flexible, secure framework for you. We then bring together today’s most innovative tools and processes, including intelligent automation/hyper-automation, conversational AI, data and analytics, and customer experience insights.

Our BPaaS offering is designed to scale and flex with your business’s growth and evolution. GBTS is also technology agnostic, which allows us to be flexible and pivot to take advantage of rapidly evolving technology.

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Drawing on highly skilled professionals from around the world, we bring the expertise needed to fully align with your requirements. Our global footprint enables our right-shoring model to deliver around-the-clock and resilient services.

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Our BPaaS Solutions

We continually innovate and our BPaaS solutions deliver the most up-to-the-minute strategies and technology.

We help your business run better by developing and executing tailored solutions that meet your business’s unique goals.

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Personal Lending BPaaS

Digital transformation brings new insights and efficiencies, allowing you to confidently capture more of the lending market.

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Auto Lending

Our solution reinvents and autonomously executes the full auto loan process to boost profitability and fuel an exceptional customer experience.

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Claims Reimbursement

We bring a more effective approach, enabling the highest level of customer service. Our end-to-end fully managed solutions make the multi-step, complicated claims process seamless for you and your customers.

Motivated and proven team

Our leadership team brings more than 100 years of combined experience across BPO and in our specialty areas of personal lending, auto lending, and claims reimbursements. Our team has a proven track record and shares a common vision – offering clients an innovative approach to BPaaS that maximizes results, minimizes cost, and simplifies the journey for your customers.

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