The Employee Experience

Prioritising People


SPS is highly experienced in managing and delivering successful employee transfers. With a proven methodology developed over 30 years of overseeing staff transitions, SPS’ approach provides support across the employee engagement pillar.

To ensure a successful employee transfer process, communication and employee engagement is key. Working closely with staff and their representatives to both inform and consult creates a culture of openness, and helps alleviate any concerns that change might bring.

SPS has successfully managed multiple transitions, from small to large scale and across both single and multiple locations, including c.700 employees from Pitney Bowes Management Services and 800+ employees from Mitie Business Services.

Our Approach

SPS has a proven project methodology to support the transfer process. Effective communication is a key factor in all transitions and is adapted and tailored to suit the needs of each transition – with representatives and direct with employees.

The first impression is key when engaging with employees and we recognise that a TUPE and transfer process can be an unsettling period for many employees. We ensure that regular employee engagement is continued throughout a transition, with employee representatives and via one-to-ones. We also provide FAQs to share and expand on commonly asked questions and concerns.




The acquisition in 2021 of Mitie Business Services provides a good example of SPS’ success with large-scale staff transfers. As a people-centric business, it was important to SPS to make sure there was a smooth transition for the 800+ employees who joined SPS as a result of the acquisition.

SPS used its significant experience of TUPE and approach to previous acquisitions to ensure there was a smooth transition for its new employees and to support business continuity. A key aspect was regular employee communication and access to content so that employees understood the process, timelines, changes and key contacts. SPS used its communication tool, Beekeeper, as the main employee engagement channel, allowing updates to be issued in real-time, as well as creating a bespoke welcome page on its intranet for the employees to access the content available.



While the focus was on supporting continuity for employees from day one of the acquisition, continuous and extensive work was undertaken in the following weeks and months to implement key employee processes such as payroll, inductions, new uniforms, and SPS system access.

SPS had the opportunity within the first six months of the acquisition to include the new employees within its employee survey. An impressive participation of 86% was achieved, with positive satisfaction levels achieved across all category areas. This provided a strong endorsement of the approach taken during the acquisition to successfully onboard the employees within SPS’ people centric culture.

Account Manager Amber Taylor was part of the Mitie acquisition and explained her experience of the transition: “it was quite nice because everybody came over as a big group, so we could share any concerns we had.” Amber believes that SPS’ commitment to communicating with the incoming group played a key role in the success of the project, saying: “SPS’s understanding that we were real people – that was really good.”

Employee Retention and Development

70% of SPS employees joined via a TUPE transfer or acquisition and the company is committed to providing opportunities for training and development to enable individuals to progress their career path within the business.

Bernard Pinto, Business Services Manager, said that after his TUPE to SPS “There was always progression for those who wanted it. There’s a lot of growth potential, and SPS will support you if you’re looking to further your career.”

Echoing Bernard’s thoughts, Account Manager Darren Hammond believes that SPS had helped him reach the position he is in today, saying: “before the TUPE to SPS I didn’t see myself performing the role I do now – I couldn’t see the path there.”

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SPS takes great pride in the development of its employees that have joined either directly or via a transfer and has an exemplary record for not only staff retention but also for ensuring that the employees involved view the change as a positive experience. Leaning on its years of experience, SPS has created a robust transition process with straightforward scalability for large- or small-scale projects. Using the same professional approach, no matter the size of the transition, SPS is confident its approach to all transfers will be delivered with the same degree of success as the Mitie acquisition.


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