SPS Launches SPS GPT Engine to leverage Generative AI

Pioneering the next level of Intelligent Automation

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Zurich, 02.02.2024 – SPS, a frontrunner in applying intelligent automation technologies , today announced the launch of its SPS GPT engine, reinforcing its mission to be the thought leader in the industrialized usage of AI in business processing. This innovative AI engine is hosted within a secure and private Microsoft Azure environment, ensuring the highest level of data protection and operational integrity for their clients. This strategic move is underscored by their proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities within generative AI, especially for the industrialized application in their outsourcing solutions.

Enhanced Security in AI Utilization

Our private GPT model is designed to operate within a robust network perimeter that prevents unauthorized access and sharing, providing an unmatched layer of security to our clients. SPS’ commitment to security and quality means that company employees can safely access and leverage the GPT model for enterprise data without compromising proprietary information.Understanding the full scope of generative AI’s capabilities, SPS is committed to harnessing its potential to automate complex processes and augment human capabilities in business operations.

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Navigating Value Creation and Risk Mitigation

With the SPS GPT engine, SPS is charting a course through the transformative possibilities of AI, ensuring strategies are in place for robust value creation across industries. Our engine is designed to catalyze productivity while anticipating and addressing the very limits of AI, ensuring data integrity and intellectual property rights are protected.

“As we implement this pioneering technology, SPS remains vigilant in monitoring operational trends and adapting to the evolving landscape of generative AI. Our focus remains on building capabilities within our global workforce, embracing new skills such as prompt engineering, and ensuring our systems are equipped to handle the integration of generative AI safely and effectively.” Jörg Vollmer, CEO SPS said.

To explore how the SPS GPT engine can transform your business operations and maintain a competitive edge, we invite you to visit Join us as we lead the way in secure, innovative, and sustainable AI solutions

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SPS Launches SPS GPT Engine to leverage Generative AI

Pioneering the next level of Intelligent Automation

01 February 2024


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