Maximizing Savings on Paper-Free Day 2023

by Christian Ott, Director Global Solution Design Insurance

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As Paper-Free Day 2023 approaches, the spotlight often falls on sustainability. Beyond the green narrative, transitioning away from paper can lead to tangible savings for businesses. In almost every large organization, irrespective of the industry, there's potential to process and archive nearly every document digitally. Old habits or a lack of prioritization, however, can hinder this transition. 

Spotlight On: Digital Mail Delivery


When the Swiss Post relocated to the "Espace Post" and adopted an "Open Space" workplace design, the need for independent mail access became evident. With the "Paperless Office" solution by SPS Switzerland Ltd, launched in January 2017, approximately 2,000 employees at the headquarters started receiving their daily mail digitally. This allowed employees to retrieve mail quickly and conveniently, regardless of their location. Non-digitizable items like magazines remained physically delivered. This move embodied Swiss Post's promise: "The Swiss Post is always where you are," applying both to customers and employees. The added benefit was SPS's expertise, ensuring all performance and quality standards were met. 

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Every sheet of paper comes with hidden costs, and for businesses, these can accumulate quickly: 

  • Operational Overheads: Think of printer maintenance, toner replacements, and the inevitable need for repairs. 
  • Space Constraints: Filing cabinets, storage rooms, and external storage facilities represent a continual expense. 
  • Time and Productivity: Shuffling through stacks, manual data entry, and handling physical documents consume invaluable time. 

Leveraging Digital Tools for Savings 

  • Electronic Document Management: A robust electronic document system (EDMS) not only improves efficiency but also eradicates costs linked with physical document storage and retrieval. 
  • E-Signature Platforms: These tools minimize the costs of printing, mailing, and archiving signed documents. 
  • Real-time Collaboration Platforms: The diminished need for in-person meetings can translate to substantial savings on travel and related expenditures. 

Environmental Initiatives = Cost Reductions 

  • Lower Utility Bills: Fewer printers and copiers equate to less electricity usage. 
  • Green Incentives: Some governments extend tax benefits or rebates to businesses championing green initiatives. 
  • Reduced Disposal Costs: A decline in paper waste leads to lowered expenses in disposal and recycling efforts. 

Reinvesting Savings for Growth

Mid- to long-term savings stem not just from the visible benefits like reduced storage needs or enhanced efficiency. Savings also emerge from eliminating the necessity to create, implement, and upkeep dual business processes — one for digital communications and another for paper-based interactions. This duality ties down resources across the organization, hampering its innovation velocity. Thus, by embracing digital: 

  • Training and Development: Funds salvaged from going paperless can be funnelled into employee training, enriching their skill set and augmenting productivity. 
  • Innovation: Allocate these savings towards research and development, ensuring you're always one step ahead of industry evolutions. 
  • Marketing and Outreach: Amplify your brand's resonance by promoting your eco-conscious endeavours, attracting a clientele that values sustainability. 

In Conclusion: As we gear up for Paper-Free Day 2023, it's crucial to recognize that the journey away from paper offers businesses more than just environmental kudos. Real-world implementations, like at the Swiss Post’s headquarters, illustrate that this transition promotes streamlined and cost-effective operations where innovation and growth are at the forefront. 


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