SPS recognized for DEI Excellence by HRO Today

Finalist for DEI Champion of the Year

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During the 2023 HRO Today Inclusion Summit on September 6-7 in Alexandria, Virginia, SPS was recognized as a finalist for DEI Champion of the Year. The event focused on sharing success factors common across the DEI initiatives that yielded the most significant, scalable, quantifiable and sustained impact, and also celebrated inspiring DEI programs and practitioners that have made meaningful contributions to their organizations and DEI as a whole.

SPS received recognition for its Core Voices initiative. This global initiative involves embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as the core of SPS’ HR processes and policies. The global HR teams regularly discuss DEI topics with the commitment and dedication to move plans into action, and best practices are shared with team members in all SPS countries. In addition, online sessions such as panel discussions and webinars are held for all employees on topics such as Gender Equality and Employee Wellbeing.  

Valerie Mahoney, Chief Human Resources Officer at SPS North America, stated, “At SPS, we feel that our global presence gives us a uniquely informed and diverse perspective which is embedded in all our engagements with both customers and employees. We are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion where diversity is embraced to ensure that everyone feels respected, valued and appreciated. On behalf of the global SPS HR team, we thank HRO Today for this recognition.”