SPS Proudly Secures Ecovadis Rating on First Attempt

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Environmental and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world and put companies under more and more pressure to demonstrate commitment to sustainability. Achieving an Ecovadis rating is a significant milestone to demonstrate sustainable work practices and confirm the public image towards clients and suppliers with a profound evaluation of sustainability endeavors. SPS is very proud to announce having achieved the Ecovadis Bronze medal and a ranking in the 84th percentile at the first attempt.



Ecovadis is a leading provider of sustainability ratings. It assesses companies on a set of criteria based on the four different perspectives Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement across industries and regions. These are tailored into criteria according to the company’s size and industry, ensuring a fair evaluation.

The assessment approach involves a holistic view such as collecting and analyzing information from company documents, policies, public data, and additional information sources.Based on the assembled information Ecovadis assigns a score ranging from 0 to 100. 0 represents the lowest level of sustainability efforts and 100 marks outstanding sustainability practices.The allotted scores are used to rank the companies and provide the outstanding ones with a medal rating, ranging from bronze to silver to gold to platinum awarded only to the top 35% of all companies assessed by Ecovadis.

The received evaluations provide companies with valuable insights into their performance compared to global standards and peers from their own industry. The ratings also help recognize potential for improvement and benchmark their performance against industry peers.


ecovadis bronze medal


The achieved Bronze medal and the placement in the 84th percentile signifies a milestone on SPS’ sustainability journey and esteems the tremendous efforts that SPS has put into sustainability, highlighting the outstanding scores for SPS’ actions and global coverage in the “Ethics” category. The Ethics category illuminates the adherence to ethical principles in business operations involving the management of ethical issues and risks, promotion of integrity, and upholding high standards of conduct. Achieving high scores in the Ethics category underlines SPS’ proficient dealing with very sensitive client data in the daily business.

To illustrate, the implementation of an incident response procedure (IRP) to manage breaches of confidential information, audits of control procedures to prevent information security breaches, awareness trainings to prevent information security breaches, and ISO27001 certification (certification of information security management system) are just a few out of many actions taken by SPS to strengthen SPS ethical business practices and operations.


The Bronze medal not only confirms SPS’ commitment to responsible business practices but at the same time serves as a base for further progress. SPS is driven to continue this journey and strive for higher evaluations in the coming years by further focusing on open improvement areas such as in the sustainable procurement category. SPS is currently working on several local and global projects to enhance the standards and documentation of the sustainable procurement.

At SPS, every team member’s contribution to our ESG goals is valued. We encourage all employees to share their insights and ideas, fostering an inclusive and innovative workplace. As we advance in our sustainability efforts, we invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact. This recognition by Ecovadis is only the beginning. SPS is committed to continuous improvement and achieving higher standards in our sustainability practices. We are excited about what lies ahead and hope you will follow our progress and contribute to our collective success.


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Business Ethics

We are commited to compliance and adherence to regulatory standards, promoting a transparent and responsible business environment

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Privacy and Data Security

We ensure we are compliant with all relevant regulations and that we are constantly and verifiably improving

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​​SPS rated with Outstanding Net Promoter Score​

Our commitment to excellence by achieving an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80 points