SPS Alliance Network Groups

Promoting diversity and inclusion

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Equality, diversity and inclusion are concepts that are becoming more important for all of us, and at SPS we believe that our people should be able to feel comfortable and confident bringing their whole selves to work. In this video, representatives from SPS UKI’s Alliance Groups tell us about the progress they have made and the importance of the networks they represent.

We hear from SWAN (SPS Women’s Alliance Network) about how they’ve grown in the three years since their formation. The aim of the group is to encourage and inspire women throughout our organization, supporting them to achieve their career aspirations at SPS, without making personal sacrifices. They have hosted events, raised awareness, made valuable changes to SPS’ family policies, and most importantly made a positive impact on women across the business.

Next, the Proud team update us on their mission to represent SPS’ LGBTQ+ community. Their focus centers on education, and much of their recent time has been spent providing resources or organizing talks to boost their colleagues’ understanding. Finally, we speak to SPS’ newest group WAND (Well-being Alliance for Neurodiversity & Disability) about their first steps in educating fellow employees about different disabilities and providing a supportive space for anyone wanting to share their personal experiences.

Making our employees feel included and valued regardless of their personal background is central to SPS as a people-driven business. By placing the spotlight on our Alliance Groups, we want to make it clear that everybody has a place in our SPS community.