From ideas to facts: how to achieve a sustainable growth

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Sustainability Report 2022-2023

In our complex, disruptive, and fast-changing world, businesses face two choices: adapt or stagnate.

Protecting the environment, being a part of positive social change, and leading and operating our business in a way we can be proud of. This is the essence of ESG. In 2022, SPS’ commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards has never been more important.

We achieve the greatest positive impact through the creation and development of innovative solutions that enable our clients to become more agile, resilient, and sustainable.The success of an  organization is no longer measured solely in financial terms. Its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes are just as important.


The materiality assessment gives us a clear picture of our ESG priorities. This has enabled us to build our five core ESG pillars:

  1. Our employees
  2. Diversity & inclusion
  3. Business Ethics
  4. Sustainability & Environment
  5. Privacy & Data Security

SPS is driven by its purpose to unlock the power of possibility for businesses and the people it serves. We want to revolutionize digital transformation, improving our clients’ operations by connecting their physical and digital worlds.

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For our enterprise clients in our focus markets in Switzerland, Germany, UK, and the US, and in the banking, insurance, and health industries, we are a game changer in digital transformation to improve operations for the better. We give businesses the solutions they need – to have more time exploring new potentials and focusing on their core business. As a global leader, our focus is on the key stakeholders of our clients, their customers as well as their employees.

By connecting the physical and digital worlds we provide them with an exceptional experience with faster turnaround times, better accuracy, and less complexity. All this comes together and resonates in our company purpose:

Unlocking the power of possibility for businesses and the people they serveand serve

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