Our employees

Fostering an atmosphere where each employee feels respected, appreciated, included, and has the chance to grow and develop

Our employees are the foundation of everything we do. Without our peoples’ efforts and ingenuity, SPS would not hold the market-leading position we enjoy today. 

Looking after and nurturing the growth and health of our employees is therefore paramount. Acting as a socially responsible employer is about providing a working environment that promotes individual performance within wider, shared team efforts. It means enabling a good balance between work and other important facets of life, such as rest and creativity


Engaging employees is essential for the success of any organization, but it is particularly important for us due to our geographical divide and because a number of our employees are located on client premises.

We are also committed to measure our employees satisfaction. Our annual employee engagement survey receives a response rate of 90%. This high response rate provides us with insights that aid in driving meaningful engagement, identifying opportunities, fostering a positive work environment, and establishing a benchmark. In addition, it indicates where we can effect organizational change.

With more than 500 locally defined and centrally tracked actions, the survey and development process enable us to become a better place to work.

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Talent management

Our human resources team is dedicated to finding opportunities for seeking, hiring, nurturing, and managing SPS’ talents. Leaders of SPS must shape a workforce with the skills to deliver on strategy, now and in the future. At SPS, we conduct an annual formal assessment of our employees with the objective of identifying current and future organizational needs in terms of people, skills and expertise,  ensure continuity by minimizing risk and by building up a talent and succession pool.

Our Organization and Talent Review Process (OTR) helps identify talents (through the lens of diversity), assessing their capabilities and defining their development needs; engage and retain our talent by providing career opportunities for them; to accurately define talent and career management actions on a global, local, and individual level; and strengthen commitment to the implementation of the action plans – taking mutual responsibility.

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Employees’ workplace safety and well-being is of vital importance to us. Individual well-being influences engagement and motivation at work. People that have high individual well-being are more likely to see their workplace as positive, productive, and engaging. Global and country-specific HR departments strive to promote employee well-being by adhering to the following framework:

  • Social well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Occupational & Financial well-being

SPS will neither commit nor contribute to human rights abuses. We treat all people with whom we engage with respect and dignity. SPS respects the rights of employees to freedom of association, collective representation, reasonable working hours, safe working conditions, fair wages, a safe and healthy workplace, and other fundamental worker rights. We expect our partners to respect these same fundamental worker rights.

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The reputation and success of SPS depends, to a large extent, on the behavior of each individual in day-today business. All SPS employees have a responsibility to adhere to the highest standards and to point out inappropriate practices whenever and wherever they become aware.

The SPS Code of Conduct provides guidance for all our people. It also lays down clear rules that must be adhered to by all employees, regardless of function, seniority, or department.


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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are inherent to SPS’ culture and success

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Business Ethics

We are commited to compliance and adherence to regulatory standards, promoting a transparent and responsible business environment

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Sustainability & Environment

We are committed to reducing our own emissions and helping clients do the same

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Privacy and Data Security

We ensure we are compliant with all relevant regulations and that we are constantly and verifiably improving