The future of digital invoicing

Smooth invoice processing across all channels


In Switzerland, invoicing processes have predominantly relied on paper-based methods. However, the introduction of new channels like eBill and digital mailboxes is gradually revolutionizing this traditional approach. SPS Switzerland addresses this shift by offering the Billing Hub, a centralized communication platform that simplifies the billing process for companies and provides diverse channels for invoice delivery.

Through the Billing Hub, companies can now inquire about invoice delivery preferences, whether in analog or digital format, catering to individual customer needs. SPS actively supports customers in selecting the most suitable channel and manages their preferences efficiently. Additionally, customers enjoy the advantages of being part of the eBill network, while banks can participate in the billing process using SPS' white label solution.

Overcoming technical challenges and acquiring sufficient customer data are crucial for the advancement of this system. SPS ensures the security of processed customer and invoice data through robust technical measures and regular audits. While Switzerland has not experienced significant disruptive changes in invoice processing thus far, there is a discernible trend towards digital channels. The future of digital invoicing is anticipated to encompass distribution through various channels and an increased reliance on digital mailboxes.

The utilization of artificial intelligence, such as chatbots, has the potential to enhance the customer experience by capturing preferences and addressing specific needs. SPS recognizes invoicing as a valuable communication channel and places great importance on delivering a positive customer experience, as it marks the initiation of new business relationships.


To summarize, while paper-based invoicing remains prevalent in Switzerland, the emergence of eBill and digital mailboxes is gradually transforming the landscape. SPS Switzerland's Billing Hub serves as a central communication platform, simplifying the billing process for companies and offering diverse channels for invoice delivery. Overcoming technical challenges, leveraging customer data, and embracing AI technologies can further enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. The future of digital invoicing in Switzerland holds promising opportunities, with a multi-channel distribution approach and an increased reliance on digital mailboxes, ultimately fostering improved business interactions.

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