Optimize HR processes through a future-oriented and centralized service


The biggest challenge companies face nowadays…

Today's reality in most companies consists of little to no standardization of HR processes. This results in many system breakdowns, high manual effort, and decreased efficiency, affecting not only the company, but also its employee’s contentment because of wasted time due to processing, correcting, and including information by hand, as well as unnecessarily complexity for evaluation processes and scenarios, decreasing overall productivity.


Our solution: Fully web-based and comprehensive service

We have a complete and thorough solution through a flexible and multifaceted service for automation, storage, and centralization of high data volume ideal for small businesses in both the public and private sector. With KIDICAP, SPS offers one of the market-leading application programs for managing and billing personal data.


ZGAST.Enterprise explained

As a partner of GIP (the manufacturer of KIDICAP), we offer ZGAST.Enterprise: a service that has all the benefits of both KIDICAPs digitalized system and SPSs experience. Together, we maximize the power of possibility.


Payroll / KIDICAP.Entgelt

With KIDICAP.Entgelt, SPS offers a fully automatic, parameterizable calculation that can be adapted to the structures and needs of the user. KIDICAP.Entgelt covers all collective bargaining and salary regulations for workers, employees, civil servants and pension recipients, as well as for special groups (SVBG, GfB, BFD, FSJ, etc.) (see collective bargaining structures shown below). All data relevant to payroll accounting is adapted by the manufacturer to the latest collective bargaining and legal changes as standard.

SPS available rates

•    Besoldung (BBesG)
•    Landesbesoldung Niedersachsen
•    Landesbesoldung Brandenburg
•    Landesbesoldung Sachsen
•    Landesbesoldung Sachsen-Anhalt
•    Landesbesoldung Bremen
•    Landesbesoldung NRW
•    Landesbesoldung Bayern
•    Landesbesoldung Baden-Württemberg
•    Landesbesoldung Rheinland-Pfalz
•    TVöD
•    TVöD VKA
•    TV-Versorgungsbetriebe
•    TV-L
•    BAT-KF-Neu
•    KDAVO Hessen-Nassau
•    KDO (EK) HN
•    AVR.HN
•    TV-L EKKW
•    TV-EKBO
•    DienstVO Konföderation Niedersachsen
•    DVO EKD
•    AVO Freiburg
•    Behindertenhilfe
•    Haushälterinnenberechnung
•    AVO-DRS
•    AVR-K
•    TV DN
•    KDVO Sachsen
•    KAT/KTD
•    TV KB/KTD
•    DiVO LK Bayern
•    KAVO EKD-Ost
•    KAVO
•    AVR-C RK BW
•    AVR-C RK BY
•    AVR-C RK Mitte
•    AVR-C RK Nord
•    AVR Diakonie EKD
•    AVR Diakonie Deutschland
•    AVR Diakonie Bayern
•    AVR Kurhessen Waldeck
•    AVR-Württemberg
•    AVR Diakonie Baden
•    AVR Diakonie Sachsen
•    AVR Diakonie Mitteldeutschland
•    Bremischer Ruhelohn
•    AVR Diakonie Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz


Digital archive

Digital documents and files are a sensitive data protection issue. That is why every document in KIDICAP is treated just as securely as the personal data itself. The documents are and remain under the control of the database, like all data, and are also stored encrypted if necessary.


Important Features:

  • Efficient document management on payday,
  • The employee file (central location for personal documents),
  • Decentralized collaboration and workflows,
  • Signature options and specialist procedures,
  • Employer file and individual configuration,
  • Data protection and security as an important pillar of the service
  • Compliance & traceability always first.

Evaluation and audit (risk management)

KIDICAP.Reports contains a series of sample reports that you can use directly or as templates for your own evaluations. Your report always remains customizable, linked to your data source in the background.

Travel (Management of travel costs)

KIDICAP.Travel is a complete, multi-client and comprehensive software solution for the requirements of business travel management. From the travel application to the approval process to business trip accounting and booking in finance, the steps are mapped out via a workflow. K.Travel not only meets the requirements of public administration or of a small organization with a single travel expense accounting station, but also the needs of supra-regionally organized institutions with distributed locations.

Employee portal (self-service)

The KIDICAP.Postfach app in combination with the KIDICAP.Personnel file offers a personal mailbox as a self-service for all employees and direct access to various documents such as

  • Salary statements
  • Payroll tax certificates
  • Time records
  • Social security certificates
  • Travel expense reimbursements
  • Employer correspondence


Printing services: The following accounting results are made available to the client for easy handover to the employee.

  • Salary statement
  • DEÜV proof
  • ZVE proof

Income tax certificate: Postage and packaging: A monthly flat rate is charged for printing the evaluations, for packaging and for shipping.


The applicant manager starts at different points in the recruitment process and provides comprehensive support in successful recruiting.

  • Automated functions for accelerated process steps
  • Responsive design for job advertisements and careers
  • User-defined interfaces and menu navigation
  • Visual representation of CVs and qualifications

Workflow management

Payroll accounting is managed by an efficient workflow system. This enables SPS to continuously handle accounting for customers with staff numbers ranging from 100 to 5,000 employees.


two man looking at a tablet

Experience & specialization

As a development and sales partner of GIP, we take care of everything from hosting and applicant management to the administration of legal, tariff and company-specific parameters.

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Integrated solution characterized by diversity and flexibility

Additional modules for administration, controlling and management tasks are integrated for personnel management. The transfer of data to financial accounting and the transmission of reportable data to third parties (social insurance providers, ZVK, etc.) is possible without any problems.

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Reliability guarantee

With over 400 customers in the application service & 300,000 invoices per month, SPS has a holistic and strong know-how that distinguishes us as reliable and experienced.

Automate your payroll & scale your business