Swiss Post Solutions rebrands to SPS – focusing on serving global clients as they transform to digital-first companies, with the new tagline ‘The Power of Possibility’

Swiss Post Solutions rebrands to SPS

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SPS – the new name for Swiss Post Solutions, as it offers ‘The Power of Possibility’ in transforming global clients into digital-first companies

Zurich December 5, 2022–SPS, the leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, is operating under new branding.

As a company, we are uniting our historic past and global legacy with our bright vision for the future. Our new brand reflects the empowering of clients’ employees to leverage all information in their company while interacting and serving their customers, and also the opening of a window on opportunities for innovation and growth enabled by new digitized processes and possibilities.


The brand tells the SPS story in the most compelling way possible through these 5 elements:

  • Our wordmark is carefully designed and stands for meticulous attention to detail and our Swiss DNA of true craftsmanship.
  • “A window of possibility,” our symbol demonstrates the way we help our customers see their future. It communicates vision and transparency, and an openness to new ideas. It fits within the SPS wordmark to reinforce how we seamlessly integrate our services with our customers, their needs, and the people they serve.
  • The Power Bar symbolizes our claim to always give full commitment and refers to the familiar aesthetics of a loading bar of modern user interfaces.
  • The color “Bright Green” is a vibrant color. It is emblematic of our commitment to a better future and symbolizes positivity, progress and our will to go above and beyond in order to achieve outstanding results.
  • Finally, the ‘Power of Possibility’, the new tagline, tells a story of harnessing the strength and synergies of people, data and technology to deliver positive transformation.


“Our clients are at a critical point in their business development–all around the world, they are working to digitize their services and bring their interactions with customers to a new level, as social-media-trained new customers demand. Hence the need for a solid base connecting physical-document processing and digital processing into enhanced interaction for their employees and their customers. Helping clients reach their full potential is precisely what the new brand embodies. This transformation is what the new SPS is all about.” said Joerg Vollmer, CEO of SPS.

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