Omni-Channel Output Service

Right message, right channel, right time



SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory integrates both digital and physical communication channels into a single holistic solution, with strong upstream (output management systems) and downstream (distribution) capabilities. Companies can centralize and streamline their communications, whether it is across print, email, online or a mobile device. This gives companies the opportunity to generate efficiencies, improve performance and take advantage of personalization and innovation in customer communication. We also maintain and update customer preferences in our databases so we can optimize every piece of content and ensure the right message is going out across the right channel at the right time.

SPS Offering

Transactional Printing

With our Output Management Systems, the latest digital printing processes, high levels of security, and standardised processes we offer a a holistic approach to large-scale, secure, and economical transactional printing. 

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Direct Mailing

We provide holistic and comprehensive advice on all the relevant issues and options, from marketing to information processing, layout, design, and the production of your entire output management. With this, you save on the costs of creating additional marketing materials and get the flexibility of customizing your material right up until it is printed.

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Digital Delivery Channels

We offer a cost-effective way for you to transition to and integrate a range of electronic options alongside traditional print media, for both internal and external processes and communications.

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  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs

We strategically convert print communication to digital channels, where appropriate, reducing overall print output. As a major provider, we get preferential postal rates for our clients

  • Manage fluctuating volumes

A shared services model allows companies to deal with huge volume spikes at key times of the year, without having to invest in permanent infrastructure all year-round

  • Create personalized experiences for customers

A relevant, personalized experience is expected by today’s customers. According to McKinsey, omni-channel personalization can increase revenues by 5-15%

  • Data management

SPS centralizes data, and manages and updates customer profiles with real-time information; allowing you to create accurate, targeted communications campaigns based on customer preferences

  • Best-in-class security

SPS’ solution is built from the ground up with the highest standards of security in mind. All communications can be carefully tracked and audited ensuring the highest security standards as well as regulatory adherence