SPS supports employees to realize their individual growth and development paths with the Academy at the heart of the organization to empower our people.


As a people-centric organization, we place great importance on caring for our employees and understand that to retain top performers, it is vital to offer robust compensation and benefits, to consistently deliver performance-based recognition programs, and to provide professional advancement.

The Global Academy provides initiatives for the development of our employees at all SPS locations. Academy programs and events offer training opportunities for our employees, accompanied by meaningful assessments and incentives. Initiatives that we believe enable us to:

  • Create a global SPS spirit
  • Share our international resources and local best practices within people development
  • Create visible employment opportunities and promote SPS as a truly attractive employer

Our aim is to put us in a position to attract, retain, develop and promote our employees, future leaders, and innovators, ensuring that SPS can continue to drive change forward whilst offering our customers first class, cutting-edge services.


At SPS, we welcome those who want to contribute and make a difference. Our teams operate within environments of open communication and employees are encouraged to express ideas and share opinions. Local communication channels are supported by an annual employee survey run independently. The employee survey provides management with full insight into the state of mind of SPS` employees. Thanks to the employee survey, it is possible to establish – from the employees' point of view – whether the workload has increased since last year, for example, or whether teamwork has improved. In 2022, the vast majority of all SPS employees participated in the survey to express their opinion. They have again confirmed their satisfaction through solid divisional fitness results and a great customer orientation.

However, there are always areas in which we can perform better and increase our employees` satisfaction. The yearly results help us, to actively capitalize on the valuable information that has been gathered and to further understand our employees` needs. Concrete action plans are developed based on the survey results and progress is regularly reviewed.


The Global Awards take place annually to recognise employees who excel in one of our three values:

  • Clients First
  • Delivering Excellence
  • Innovative Thinking
  • New Business

Exceptional achievements are recognized at the Awards Ceremony, a perfect opportunity to reward a deserving individual or team with a respected award and global recognition.  

Teams and individuals are nominated annually from our global employee base; ensuring that the recognition given reflects our worldwide success.

Previous winners include:

  • HR teams for exceptional training development, and many more,
  • Client Managers for ensuring outstanding service to our customers,
  • Financial specialists for increasing reporting and compliance quality.


SPS offers training to all levels of employees with availability and relevance regularly reviewed. Beyond that, for those with the desire to be a member of a Country or Business Unit Leadership Team, or, those that wish to be subject matter experts and directly support the Executive Leadership Team there is the opportunity to apply for the Global Academy Talent Opportunity Program (TOP).

TOP is built around an Individual Development Plan and offers tailored training solutions to fit the successful applicant and their specific skill set and competencies.  In addition, TOP participants have unique networking opportunities amongst SPS leaders around the world providing the perfect platform for future career opportunities.


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